Welcome to N3 Coding Academy!

N3 Coding Academy was founded by a group of passionate professionals who have been actively involved in the technology industry. Having experienced directly the tremendous speed in which the economy and society evolve, we realize how important that creativity and logical thinking skills will be in the future.

Future Digital Playground

It’s your child’s turn to create their own game

Digital Transformation

believe it or not, digital transformation era is here and coding language is a must learn second language


Your child will be motivated to have fun and learn at the same time!

Problem Solving

Your child to learn how to cope with problems and find solution without being afraid to make mistakes


Your child to develop task management and people skills to lead the team one day

Creative, yet be logical

Coding requires both creativity to build attractive contents for users as well as logic to build backend infrastructure to support the user experience

Creating opportunity

Don’t you want to see your child “WOW” you with the skills you don’t have?

Our Classes

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